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How to Protect Yourself When Things Fall Apart (Part IIII)

In Mizrahi v. Cohen, [1] a dentist and an optometrist formed a limited liability company for the purpose of the construction and operation of a mixed-use building in which they intended to set up their individual offices.  They did not have an LLC agreement at the time the LLC was formed but it was implemented a few months later when…

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What If Your LLC Doesn’t Fit

Today I want to talk about your LLC and specifically your LLC agreement. What if your LLC agreement doesn’t fit your circumstances? A lot of times companies find that when they go back and revisit their LLC agreement, it doesn’t fit their circumstances. Maybe it was a form agreement that was downloaded off the internet early in the history of…

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What is the Difference Between Officers and a Board of Directors?

This is a common question I hear when I speak or work with business owners about the differences between board members and officers. How are things allocated? In a traditional model of corporate governance (which is now imparted in some LLCs depending on the LLC Agreement you use) there is typically a Board of Directors and officers. In a theoretical…

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Managing an LLC

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about the choices in managing an LLC. We’ve been collecting feedback from the community, hearing what types of issues people are dealing with. We have been talking about LLCs versus corporations. One of the recent questions we’ve gotten is “How do I manage my LLC?” If you have questions, send them to me or comment…

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LLC Means Limited Liability, Right

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about protection and lack of protection concerning LLC. Hey folks, Shawn here with you. LLCs mean limited liability, right? You formed your company, you don’t have to worry anymore do you? Well, maybe not. Maybe so. Just because you formed an LLC or a corporation with your state and did that basic paperwork doesn’t necessarily…

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Was Your Company Properly Formed? Do You Have Hidden Liability Risks?

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about protecting you from liability. Here is the transcript: Hi folks, it’s Shawn here with you asking a tough question. Is your company giving you the liability protection that you think it is? Unfortunately, for a lot of people, the answer is no. So we’ve talked a little bit in our blogs if you…

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