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Asset Protection 101: Learn What Most Business Owners Don’t Know (In A 5 Minute Read)

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay   “Asset Protection.” You’ve probably seen the term around. And if you are like most business owners and leaders I work with it probably conjures up two thoughts: complex or illegal. The truth is it shouldn’t be either in most cases. Sure in some cases asset protection can get complex. But for most business…

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Exempt Offerings Crowdfunding Versus Other Exemptions

In this edition of the McBride Attorneys Law Show we discuss the basics of offering exemptions – how most companies raise money. You can see the whole episode here. Make sure you subscribe – and ring the notification bell – on our YouTube Channel so you can get updates as we add new episodes. Exempt Offerings: Crowdfunding Versus Other Exemptions…

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Simple Short Contracts. That’s The Way To Go. Why Bigger Might Be Better.

A lot of times clients and friends say “I just want a short contract.  Don’t make it long.” Well, there are reasons lawyers write long contracts.  And it’s not because they want to bill more. I agree with simple and understandable.  In a perfect world we’d all right one page contracts and forget it. However given the complexity of today’s…

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