Your Business Deserves To Thrive

A Florida-Based Business Practice With National Reach

I have been a business lawyer for over two decades. I started my career working with some of the largest law firms in the United States. This gave me a grounding in business law and understanding complex business issues.

As my life and career evolved, I left the “Big Law” world to focus on having a smaller firm. I also added law licenses for a number of states throughout the United States as a number of my clients and contacts wanted help.

While my geographic reach expanded, my focus stayed the same: helping business owners and business leaders achieve their dreams. While I meet with most of my clients by telephone and internet, we are always united in working to achieve their goals.

A client might be calling to look at how to raise more money for their business, and I’ll help them find ways to work with investors and properly issue more ownership interests in their company. Or they might be going into a new partnership and I’ll help them make sure their hard work and money are protected if something unexpected happens to the business. I can help them locate the right things to include in the agreement in the case of a death, disability, divorce or disagreement during the duration of the business partnership.

Licensed In Multiple States

I am currently licensed in the following states: Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Wyoming and the District of Columbia. I am also licensed but currently inactive in Colorado, Illinois, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee.

This opens the door to serving the interests of my clients as the legal needs of their growing businesses expand into multiple states.

Strong Financial Background

One of the reasons many of my clients choose my firm, and stay with it, is my knowledge of money and finance. I have long worked on complex business deals and have college degrees in Accounting and Business Administration (Concentration: Finance). I am also licensed as a CPA in Florida, Maryland and Texas.

My knowledge and background allow me to provide additional input on my clients’ financial and legal needs.

Your Business Is What Matters

I want to learn about your business and your needs. If you are looking for an innovative lawyer who thinks outside of the box, I’d like to hear about your needs and explain how I can help you. Your dreams are what matter, and I’d like to help you achieve them.

To schedule a consultation with me, call my office in the suburbs of Orlando at 407-517-0064, or contact me via email.