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In this edition of the McBride Attorneys Law Show we discuss the basics of offering exemptions – how most companies raise money.

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Crowdfunding is hard

Why is crowdfunding so hard to do?

Why isn’t it the easy source of money everyone expected?

Join The Our Shawn for the McBride Attorney Legal Show(TM) as we explore what we are seeing today in the legal landscape what we need for the future.

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Hey everyone it’s The Our Shawn, welcome to another edition of the McBride Attorneys Law Show. Today we will be getting into why crowdfunding is so hard.

Crowdfunding was written. It was brought into existence to help companies raise money to do smaller companies medium sized companies out there.

Raise up to a million dollars with a simple rule and bring it all together yet hasn’t worked the way people clock, we’re going to jump into that here in just a minute.

Quick disclaimer: I’m an attorney licensed in 12 states in DC, but I’m not your attorney.

By virtue of doing the show. So everything I’m talking about here is very general don’t rely on like a consult your own attorney get

Good advice for your specific situation from a council you trust that are dangerous situations. I can tailor things to you.

So why hasn’t crowdfunding work, but he didn’t see it here on the mic right attorneys law show the other day. We did a video about why Crowdfunding or what the rules of crowdfunding are so why crowdfunding works the way it does. You’ll notice in those rules. A lot of things. First, you have to go through a funding portal.

You have to have certain documentation as. So what’s happening with a lot of companies is, you know, first crowdfunding hasn’t gotten the critical mass thought ends up being a lot of paperwork. It’s very expensive.

To put together an offering to show you all the disclosure the accounting moves the other things. There’s a lot of work that goes together and doing a crowdfunding.

Then once you do all that. It’s got a portal with all your other competition and people may get routed to other offers so crowdfunding is just a very challenging needle to thread.

Because you have to do all the work up front. You have to get everything prepared that particular place.

Then once you get into up to the patient limits for investors to invest in a very excited at what you’re doing. They can’t go all in their limited

And then you have those invitations and then once you do find somebody that wants your investment. All you got to collect enough of them up.

Versus your competition to really win the day so not an easy ride for everybody to do crowdfunding. I think that’s why we’re seeing a lot of difficulty.

Your other our other exemptions there we discussed those on the McBride attorneys law shows you’re going to go check that that YouTube channel, subscribe, ring the bell, go watch the other videos.

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All these will give you resources to look at other offerings things and get some general ideas of what’s going on. And again, go talk to your attorney gets a specified advice, folks.

Crowdfunding is can be a great tool for some people. Unfortunately, the regulations, the burdens with it, not made it as great as everybody hoped it would be.

We’re still working through that there’s a lot of hope that it will become something bigger someday we’re just not there yet. So

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