Your Business Deserves To Thrive

Conducting Business Transactions With An Eye On Security And Growth

Every business exists, operates, develops and grows on the basis of a wide range of transactions. From the initial business formation agreement to employment and sales contracts and more, every agreement forms the basis of transactions that will follow. These transactions occur between business partners, between affiliated businesses, between commercial landlords and tenants, and between the business and its clients or customers. Promoting successful transactions while also protecting yourself legally can be a balancing act. Getting guidance from a trusted lawyer is essential.

As a business owner or manager, you are acting wisely by looking for a business law attorney to inform and assist you with transactions. Purchases, sales and other transactions can ultimately make your business survive and thrive. At The R. Shawn McBride Law Firm, PLLC, you will benefit from my guidance in all aspects of your business transactions.

How I Can Help You Make Your Business Transactions Work Right

I can help you draft, negotiate, formalize and revise agreements that make up your business’s identity and functions, including:

  • A business startup plan
  • A partnership or corporation formation agreement
  • An agreement to form a for-profit corporation
  • An agreement to create a limited liability company (LLC)
  • A plan to form a nonprofit organization
  • Contracts to rent or buy commercial property
  • Contracts to purchase equipment, raw materials, supplies and other assets
  • An agreement to merge with, acquire or enter into a joint venture with another company
  • Securities offerings for investors

When you and a business associate, customer or tenant sign an agreement and then carry through with it, you typically fulfill the terms by giving or receiving money, goods or pledged actions. To protect yourself and avoid unnecessary delays, work with an experienced and accomplished business law attorney. From law offices in Longwood, Florida, I welcome inquiries from central Florida, from Texas and from other regions of the U.S. I am licensed to practice laws in many states.

Let me know what types of business transactions you have in mind and I will explain how you can make them happen cost-effectively. You can rely on my knowledgeable assistance as you undertake purchases, sales, leases, employment contracts, joint venture agreements and more. I can advise you on transactions with out-of-state and international suppliers, customers, and other people and organizations with which you intend to do business.

I Can Also Assist With Transactions For Your Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofits can be challenging to set up. The tax status and organizational plans are critical to understand and implement properly. I can assist you with these aspects as well as:

  • Management
  • Structure and governance of the organization
  • Documentation of adherence to a nonprofit organization’s charitable purposes, if applicable
  • Record keeping
  • Liability insurance

While many of the issues involved with a nonprofit may seem similar to those of a for-profit company, there may be additional layers of regulation compliance, accounting transparency and other essential factors. I am well-equipped to consult with you on the legal aspects of either type of company.

Carrying Out Your For-Profit And Nonprofit Organization Transactions

As a knowledgeable corporate transaction attorney, I work with clients to make sure that their for-profit and nonprofit companies are set up correctly and run to fulfill their purposes. I also offer protections from lawsuits and other risks that may apply to officers, directors and the rank and file members of either type of organization.

To schedule a consultation about starting, operating or expanding a for-profit business or nonprofit organization, call me at 407-517-0064 or send an email inquiry.