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A Business Law Firm Providing Consulting On Business Relationships

Forming, operating or expanding a business has numerous aspects, including legal, financial and the underlying mission or purpose of the venture, to consider. Business owners may realize they should get legal advice about contracts and liability insurance. However, they may not realize the value of working with a lawyer who is also a successful business owner and consultant.

I am attorney R. Shawn McBride, and I’m proud to say that many of the clients of my business law firm in Longwood and Dallas are also clients of my consulting services that assist with the legal aspects of your business relationships, including when legal disputes arise.

At The R. Shawn McBride Law Firm, PLLC, you have the opportunity to get your immediate legal needs met while also discussing your additional legal aspects of relationship to your business entity, partners, competitors and customers.

Ask About Tips For Improving Your Business Life, Legally Or Otherwise

Many business clients of mine in central Florida, in Texas, and elsewhere appreciate the fact that I am licensed to practice in many states. I can smoothly help them address legal transactions with out-of-state suppliers and customers. My goal is to help my clients simplify and implement what may seem to be complex business formation and growth plans.

Clients benefit from the solutions I provide for efficient record-keeping that will also help them stay in compliance with legal requirements and regulations. As a licensed certified public accountant (CPA) in Florida, Maryland and Texas, my legal advice is infused with practical advice. My in-depth knowledge of the nuts and bolts of business operations is an asset for my business clients who are looking to improve their accounting methods.

My offerings for business owners and managers are not limited to legal transactions. I customize my coaching and counseling services to suit my clients’ concerns. I provide continuing education through programs such as the following:

  • Learn Formula
  • CPA Academy
  • MyCPE
  • Attorney credits
  • ProLaw CLE
  • The Wyoming Bar

I am a published author and a frequently requested speaker in a variety of forums. For example, I gave a Ted Talk presentation on the advantages that women often bring as business partners and how business owners can maximize those advantages. I am available to speak to any size audience on any business topic.

Bring Your Business Concerns And Questions To My Attention

My favorite conversations about business and business law have to do with my clients’ planned or existing businesses. Exploring individual clients’ priorities and aspirations in combination with knowledge gained through my vast experience always leads to new ideas for solving problems and improving business outcomes.

Schedule a consultation with me by calling 407-517-0064 or sending an email inquiry. I am here to help you tap into your potential for success in business.