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DRAFT: Our Commitment to Our Clients

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2017 | Firm News, R. Shawn McBride

We are working on a brief document showing our commitment to our clients.  What are your thoughts?

I would like your input:

Our Commitment to Clients

(Your Bill of Rights)


To the fullest extent permitted by law and our rules of attorney ethics we work to:

Knowing and Protecting You:

  • Get to know you and your matter and learn what is important to you
  • Always keep your best interest in mind
  • We will be your fighter – and work hard for your position


Handling Your Matter


  • Be competent and efficient in the matters we handle and recommend other professionals for issues we cannot efficiently help with
  • Provide practical and pragmatic solutions – not just the solutions that are the best in “theory” but find and discussion solutions that balance real world issues like time and money.
  • Communicate with you regularly on the status of your matter
  • Avoid surprises by anticipating issues and discussing those with you
  • Be available to discuss new developments in your matter wit



  • Work to be as efficient as possible with your time and money
  • We will explain our billing to you and make sure you understand your bill
  • Make financial decisions for your best interest, not the Firm’s best interests
  • Discuss the investment amount and expected expenses as your matter progresses


The Big Picture


  • We will work hard to be respectful of others, while still being your advocate, to make you look good in the community
  • We will take into account how your matter fits into the bigger picture of your life and business and work to find solutions that are right for you
  • We will be part of your team – and help you build a stronger team and business (if you wish we will help you find resources or use our powerful network)


Please post your comments below or send your thoughts to [email protected]