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September Book Review

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September Book Reviews

This blog post is the second in a new series on book reviews. The following books are motivational page-turners, emphasizing how to achieve personal and business-related success. These books may pique the interest of an attorney looking to market their firm, or business owners looking to broaden their knowledge, on hot topics in business right now.

For business owners, The 10X Mind Expander by Dan Sullivan, a strategic planner and CEO of The Strategic Coach, is a great book on thinking about business expansion in exponential and non-linear terms. This book is a great reminder that we need to shift our vision and thinking for great growth.
Frank Bettger’s, How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling, offers a classical approach to the customer relationship and how to get clients and customers to communicate with you. This book is definitely worth reading to refresh your thinking on how you are interacting with potential customers.
Focus your Energy: Hunting for Success in Business with Attention Deficit Disorder by Thom Hartmann is an interesting read about how business leaders with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) can focus their attention and move towards greater success in business.

Power through Partnership: How Women Lead Better Together by authors Betsy Polk and Maggie Ellis Chotas spend significant time profiling a number of women partnerships and the advantages women bring to a partnership. The book does a great job of profiling what makes women unique in a partnership setting.
The last business-related review for this month is God’s Business by Kurt Glacy. As a business author myself, I can appreciate a good business book. This book takes a look at the business of running a church…namely fulfilling the church’s mission and how to manage a church as an enterprise to reach those goals. A must-read if you are leading a church organization.

On a personal note, Trust Your Self by Marilyn Waller is a great book on how to really take control of your life. Waller discusses how perspective is to give to many different fields of study – all touching on self-empowerment. There is also significant discussion on what you can control and what you can’t control. I highly recommend this quick read to clarify your thinking on controlling your life’s journey.
For the public speakers, Your Presentation Is a Joke by Marshall Chiles is a great book with a formula for adding humor to your business presentations. This book is very realistic in suggesting ways of playing up the funny elements of your presentation.

Don’t Tank Your TED Talk by Hayley Foster is a book with tips on how to improve, structure, and prepare for a TED talk – timely resource for those who have been picked for a TED talk and need advice.
All of these books are available on If you missed previous posts in this series, the following are books already reviewed.

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