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Summer Book Reviews

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This blog post provides the reader with a list of seven books that ought to be on any attorney or business owner’s summer reading list.  The authors of these books are a mix of world-renowned and local business owners, just like you, offering advice and tips that have helped them succeed.  Topics range from legal marketing and workplace issues to how to manage your life’s expectations.  If you enjoy the reviews, we suggest you pick up your own copy and see for yourself.  All of these books are available on

The first book, Unmarketing by Scott Stratten, is great for fine-tuning your thinking on marketing.  Scott’s core philosophy on marketing is building relationships, even in an online world.  We picked up a number of tips, which we are going to start implementing.  This book will boost your marketing game.  Definitely a great book for someone who has a marketing plan and wants to improve, particularly if they want to focus online more.

The second book, Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success by Jen DeVore Richter, is a wonderful little book on fine-tuning your overall branding and marketing strategy.  This book is recommended for start-up business owners who are trying to find their niche and go in the right direction.  It also offers excellent advice for growing businesses that need to refocus their branding message.

The third book, Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers by Linda Swindling, does a great job of reviewing how to spot, categorize, and deal with complainers and energy drainers in the workplace.  Her real-world tips on how to deal with workplace issues is well worth the read.

The fourth book, Wake Up! Break Rules! by Charlene Gilman, pushes the reader to rethink the mental taping we have in our lives and what is possible.  It’s a great read to reset your limits and consider what is actually possible.

The fifth book, You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor, discusses how to manage your mindset and expectations.  “Don’t accept less than what you are worth and work towards your dreams” is the mantra here.  It’s a good solid read for those ready to take control of their lives and be more conscious of their actions.

The sixth book, Discover True North by Anne Bruce, offers advice on finding your true path in life.  What you want to do.  What you want to be.  We found the book to be helpful in reinforcing many of the things we are already doing but may not necessarily be aware of.  A definite must-read if you are looking to change directions in life!

Lastly, The Hunger for Happiness: and the Mastery of Keeping it for Life, Business, Success and Legacy by Kathy Brandon, is a great book for those who are looking for their direction in life or to better understand why things just don’t make sense.  It is great for knowing that you control your own happiness and the decisions you make should be geared towards making you happy.  We recommend this to any of our friends or clients struggling to know if they have control of their lives.

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