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The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Checklist for Starting a Company

The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Checklist for
Starting a Company

Do you have a plan to deal with possible issues before they happen, to protect the wealth you create from your business? What happens if there is an unexpected death, disability, divorce or disagreement relating to the partners of your business? This report covers those important topics and more.


Partnerships vs. Corporations vs. LLCs – What’s your
best choice?

Selecting the right business structure can be one of the most important decisions you make for your new company. But, there is no single right answer for every business. This report can give you vital information to decide what business structure is right for you.

Structuring Business Partnerships

Structuring Business Partnerships to Enhance and
Protect Your Wealth

This report covers the key factors to consider in starting a partnership. Learn the four most common legal structures for business partnerships. The structure that’s right for you depends on your willingness to risk your business and personal assets. Just as important is deciding what to do if you ever want to buy out a partner.

Can you Truly Limit Liability

Can You Truly Limit Your Liability With a Limited Liability Company?

The limited liability company (LLC) has become the most popular business structure in the U.S. It combines the pass-through taxation of a partnership or sole proprietorship with the limited liability of a corporation. But no structure is flawless. This report reveals five common mistakes that strip away the protection of a LLC.

Conflict Management

Conflict Management And Using Negotiation Instead of Litigation

Conflicts are an everyday part of running a business. This report discusses strategies for successfully managing conflicts when they occur. Just as important, there’s vital information on negotiating resolutions and when having solid legal advice is a necessity.