As a business evolves, you’re going to be changing the ownership structure. Owners may come and go. It’s rare for partners to stay together for the entire life of the business. I work with businesses and owners to make sure that the businesses have processes in place to make sure that regardless of what happens, that owner can smoothly come and go from the business and the business can continue to move forward.

There are many processes and procedures that can be put in place to make these situations work much smoother and much more routinely than going with basic documents which you might find on the Internet. I like to make sure that we’re realistic. You and I know that owners of a business are going to change at some time. You and I know that new people are going to have to be brought in and some people are going to leave before the business matures. I work to put processes in place sooner than later to make sure that this goes as quickly as possible and to protect the wealth for all parties involved.

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