Setting up your company structureThe company setup process can be confusing. Business owners often don’t know where to turn for advice.

Sure, there are online solutions for finding documents to fill out and file with the state, but often many business owners are concerned about them. They may be concerned about the quality or may be worried that they will fill something out wrong. Also, there could be complex issues hidden behind the surface, such as getting partnership arrangements correct, making sure the two owners can work together and to protect the value of the business. Moreover, there could be hidden regulatory issues, like securities laws for selling an ownership interest in the company. Sometimes, business owners don’t remember all the documents that they need to fill out or don’t know that certain documents need to be completed, or there are just things that are done incorrectly.

Also, the wording in many of the statutes in the state setup process is often very unclear. You may think that you’re being asked to respond about one thing when you’re being asked to respond about another. This confusion can lead to your filings being rejected by the state or worse you might think that you have a validly set up company to only find out later that you don’t. Additionally, R. Shawn McBride can help you know what’s necessary and what’s not necessary, and can save you a lot of time and energy making sure we get the right things done and don’t spend time doing unnecessary things.

 One of the services we provide is setting up the Legal Structure of the business. We are here to help you fill out forms correctly and make sure that the filings with the state and other authorities are done correctly and that your company is getting started in the right direction. We also help our clients make sure that they’re getting the limited liability protection for their personal assets, which is often the reason why owners are forming companies in the first place.


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