Contract Review

Often as your businesses are growing, you’re given a variety of contracts. You also end up forming contracts which you give to your customers or suppliers. Each situation is unique. Sure, there are formal contracts out there, but all formal contracts should be tailored to you and your business and your specific needs, operations, style, and risk tolerance. Occasionally you’re faced with a strategic contract, a contract of great significance that’s proposed by a third party.

I work with clients on reviewing contracts on a case by case basis. As the company evolves, usually new clients are introduced to new contracts who need to be reviewed carefully. I work with our clients in those situations. I work with our clients on joint venture contracts, when they’re entering into a new process or procedure or working in a strategic way with someone else. I can help draft the contracts that you need to make sure they are done correctly. I can also review contracts proposed by others, and I can help setup form contracts for routine types of transactions such as those on a recurring basis within the business.